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In 1984, Charming Shark created a line of active lifestyle jewelry to fill a void in the marketplace, and create a quality brand of jewelry that stands out from what common souvenir companies have to offer. We present with several products including necklaces, bracelets, and anklets on several unique styles such as shark tooth, bone infused wood, puka, flower, and shell - to name a few. Among this, our line has moved concurrently with, and ahead of the trend. We are pleased to add modern Summer and Bohemian collections to our ever-expanding selection. Charming Shark's products are designed locally, and many are also manufactured right here in the USA.

Since our procreation, we have blossomed partnerships with Surfing Hall of Fame inductee & artist Juan Rodriguez, Designer Eddie Lobanovsky, as well as Non-Profit Organization, Access Surf - with a mission of providing water-based programs and activities for the prosperity of intellectually and physically disabled peoples. 

After more than 30 years, we remain committed in our effort to provide the best, most innovative products on the market. Our passion and energy for the Charming Shark brand will continue to make us the most recognizable name in our industry.

Michael Kapica
President, CEO

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How It All Got Started

Michael Kapica served four years in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It was here, surrounded by tropical vibes and massive swells, that the idea for surf jewelry really took root. Having been a surfer for all his life, he thought of design ideas that could forever change simple shell, surf, and beach jewelry. With a goal of separating it from cheap tourist-luring jewelry. 

The market at the time had no branded product, display, or service of any kind. This was an opportunity to make waves in the jewelry trade. Michael bared inspiration from the stunning Hawaiian environment, as well as modern and vintage styles alike. Armed with this, some unique displays, and a service program, things took off for this company. The blooming company went from a van to a motor-home, then to a garage, then to our first warehouse in 1988. 

The company began growing, and more workers were brought aboard. Alongside jewelry design, Michael came up with an idea that was the first of its kind. That was to employ and bring intellectually disabled people seeking  growth through employment onto the team. Many phone calls and faxes later, (remember, this is the 80's & 90's people) the program began. Charming Shark is the first company to employ intellectually disabled people, a program that caught on quickly to many large corporations, helping society grow as a whole.

We are proud to have a great friend and surfing hall of famer Juan Rodriguez on board alongside our other admirable partners. Alongside Juan, we are pleased to work with designer Eddie Lobanovsky and our overly dedicated team of surfers. 

Thank you for taking time to read the story of our company and the goals we continue to set for our customers, our community, and of course - ourselves. We hope that you enjoy exploring our collections, our Instagram (@charmingshark), and welcome you to join us along for the beautiful ride.

Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez,owner of One World Surfboards, is a legend in the surfing industry. His passion has always been to shape beautiful surfboards and fins. That passion has led him to become one of the most talented surfboard shapers in the industry. Juan has hand-crafted, autographed, and numbered each surfboard display that has left our facility! That's one of the reasons we take such pride in our displays. Having worked with some of the most iconic names in the industry, such as Greg Nolland Dale Velzy, Juan gives our brand a unique quality and added credibility.

Eddie Lobanovskiy

Eddie Lobanovsky

Eddie Lobanovsky has designed many Charming Shark products throughout the years. He is well-known in the design industry and has helped create the look and brand we are today. In addition to running his own successful business, Eddie has a passion for constantly improving his designs and work, a quality of which is mutually shared with Charming Shark.

The Sponsored Team

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