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Winter Wonderland

Added: 12/07/2020     Author: Charming Shark

Cheers! As we fall into winter and holiday markets come to life. Holiday season is here which means you need the right gear! Luckily for you it’s here. The weather is cooling down and "sweater weather" is here. This only means one thing for us... We need new styles to match our changing outfits. Log in to check out our newest assortment of styles for this season!!!

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New Demand for Anklets have been met.

Added: 11/20/2020     Author: Charming Shark

Great news for us this week! The fastest growing collection in the lifestyle jewelry industry have been anklets. Over the last 3 months anklets have been in higher demand than the last the 5 years. To meet these demands we have been designing our newest lifestyle anklets and they have just been released. Log in now and check them out! They are so sick!